aderyn: (Robin)
Tori ([personal profile] aderyn) wrote2009-05-04 04:44 pm

Because it is silly to have a blog with no entries in it

I was hoping not to make a completely inane first post, but I must have some kind of content here. I've decided not to import my entries from my livejournal because I want this to be a completely fresh start, with no ancient ruminations from my 16-year-old self or anything else I would not want posted publicly. Yes, I'm yet another user hopping over from livejournal. I'm curious as to how many of the dreamwidth users here are from livejournal. I'd be surprised if there weren't already a poll about it, somewhere.
I'm here for a variety of reasons. One, because I'm unhappy with many of the business choices livejournal has made, and I'm worried about the future of the site. Two, because I'd been wanting to start a new journal, which can be completely open and not friends-locked, and I'm happy with the style similarities to livejournal here at dreamwidth -- nothing too new to get used to, or new site system to learn how to navigate. Lastly, I rather like the feel of this place. It seems like the kind of place which I'd enjoy being a part of.